Maybe we can move this mountain
Maybe it'll move for you
We've walking up and down its spine
Well work tracks etched into our minds
Can't go back

 Maybe I'll hold you close
Kissing on a midnight train
And when we fall apart
Longing for a sound to mend our broken hearts
Won't hold back

Let the water wash away the dust we've long forgotten
You can't know what tomorrow brings
Your the eyes in the sky that tempt the king of diamonds
I can't trace the tunes he plays
But it don't matter
I don't want to anyway
Can't go back

Maybe you'll track me down
Singing like a feckless clown
And when you smile at me
Those long and lonely days
Fade just like a dream
And we're back

Maybe we can move this mountain
Maybe it will move for you
Maybe we can move this mountain
And maybe it will come to you

Fumes and Conviction

Deep in the darkness
Take to the shade
Washed in the grace of forgetting
Where we find the water
Just cup your hands
Drink to the dawns new attire

Rear view faces fade
Long goodbye thoughts mislaid
On the road to redemption

Razed like a spiteful wall
Where will all the pieces fall
Static on an AM station

Lines on an empty road
Straining from a heavy load
Running on fumes and conviction

She finds the feathers
That fall from the sky
Fashioned like fire from a fable 

Lie like a hero
Make me believe
Make me the duke of deception

City Life

Make my way to the quay
Push right pass the mass
It rises above the din
These people move so fast
I won't last another day
I'm longing for my kin

This city is so loud
I've got to get out
Find a way to wash this day
Off my skin it would be a sin
To stay away from you

The dirt and grim fil my mind
There's something to this haze
Ain't doing me no good
Take your traffic take your trains
Won't be coming back again
You'll Find me in the woods

No need to negotiate
Baby you can navigate
Just pick a place and go
Mountain air is thin up here
Goes right to your head
Where we can see for miles and
Eagles rule the sky

Chain Dam Road

Coal cars rumble through the night
The valley calls out to heaven's heights
A sound so deep it shook his very bowels
Like an August Thunder's mad growls

His mind follows those fleeting sounds
Through the night along the dusty ground
Hamlets, homes and Tom's innovation
Are far more pleasant than the fuel's destination

Walks along those lonely tracks
Picking lumps to carry back
“That there's anthracite” his daddy said
Shiny, Black, “Keeps them furnaces fed.”

The mill she waits so patiently
For fresh new faces soon to be
Feeding her fires, stoking her flame
Her hunger burns but she feels no shame

Like his father he worked the open ladle
Took his shifts while his son lay in the cradle
They came to call him king; he kept his mix so clean
No slag or impurities just like his dear Cathleen

In this 27th year she took her final toll
Pray Jesus receive his mortal soul
The mill she loomed as they lay his body down
Foot prints in gray soot upon the ground